Our Services

Business Development – Our focus is helping our Clients to win more profitable business through the use of best practice, marketing and business development techniques. Long term relationship building strategies will be conceived to ensure that the business will benefit from these associations. This means providing strategic, tactical and practical solutions to help the organisation be more effective, efficient and successful.

Business Improvement – Successful business improvement depends crucially on understanding the culture, people, practices and procedures of the organisation in which the appraisal is being undertaken. A thorough review of the organisation, practices and procedures from business development, estimating, procurement, delivery and finally client feedback will be undertaken in order to produce a report, with summary for change and implementation.

Pre-Construction – We are alive to better ways of doing things and draw from both practical hands-on experience and research developments to improve the quality of our solutions for our Clients. Our focus in ensuring real value and a competitive bid is achieved by reviewing all aspects of the project, including challenging design, build ability, advising on sub-contractor packages, cost, safety and programme.

Project Management – Our proactive approach is the key to accomplishing a successful project. We have extensive knowledge of cost planning, construction delivery, programming, budget control, quality of build and minimising disruption at hand over to ensure that client satisfaction is achieved. We recognise the needs of a fully integrated project team and will facilitate this to ensure the client’s brief is complied with.

Quality Control – Our approach is to instil the ethos of “do it right first time”. Initial inspections throughout the build programme allow us to identify problems of poor workmanship / faulty design. This ensures that the contractor / designer do not compromise on quality. Final inspections, production of snag lists and methodical inspection of remedial work to the completed building minimises any further disruption to the Client.